Mass Expanse: Environment


Environmental ProductsAs humanity expands, so do its needs. Mass Expanse strives to meet those needs on every level, from the individual to the communal. Our products are geared to effectively control the environment with as minimal impact as possible. With such advancements as biodegradable units of natural waste storage and clean-burning incineration facilities, our products deliver as close to zero environmental impact as possible, if not completely zero.


Environmental Services So far, Earth is the only planet we have. Mass Expanse understands that deeply and through established protocols of secure and safe practices we aim to keep humanity here a long time. Mass Expanse provides many services to support humanity's tenure on this planet , with an eye to maintaining affordability and respect of the ecosystem. From hazardous waste removal, to land development continuity, Mass Expanse will survey and analyze a site and establish requirements and policies that help humans share the land and everything it impacts.